Sign up for my Intro to Weaving Workshop!

First session will be Thurs May 26th, 6-8pm.

Second session will be June 7th, 6-8pm.


In Session 1, you will:

Learn to warp your loom

Learn twining stitch, tabby stitch, and shag rya stitch

The photo above uses all three weaving techniques, but do not necessarily need to make a shag weaving in the class.


You'll bring your weaving and supplies home to work on your weaving


In Session 2, you will:

Learn to finish your weaving and clean up the back

Remove from loom and hang on a dowel



Option A - 

Jess provides FOCCTS loom, yarn, tapestry needle, dowel and 2 in-person sessions


Option B

You provide loom but Jess provides other supplies and 2 in-person sessions. 

This option also works if you would like to BORROW a loom for the class.


Option C

You bring your own loom, yarn, and tapestry needle for weaving.

Jess provides 2 in-person sessions


I am happy to make recommendations on looms, yarn, pick, and tapestry needle if you want to pick them out yourself.


Loom available for purchase in Option A is FOCCTS Large Frame 9.84 x 15.35 x 1.3 inch Tapestry Loom. It was voted #1 out of 10 Best Weaving Looms for Beginners.


Will have wine, snacks, accessible space, whatev you need!

Intro to Weaving Workshop - May/June