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Fringe Hoop Earrings are super soft and lightweight and look GORGEOUS on. 


Will they make you feel like you're turning into a tropical bird? Maybe! 

Will they transform you into a mermaid version of Princess Leia who's wearing seashells in her hair?? 


And most importantly, will they bring a lightness to your heart, an excitement to the mundane, and one million compliments every where you go? Absolutely.


All of our party earrings are extremely LIGHTWEIGHT, even the ones that are huge because we need these babies to get us through the entire festival, the after party, the boring zoom call, and best of all, the mundane Tuesday who could use a lil pick-me-up.


Hoops are Silver Plated or Gold Plated

Yarn is Acrylic (because we need that amazing color saturation)

4-5ish inches long and 3-4ish inches wide

Literally one million compliments

Dreamy Ice Cream Fringe Hoops

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