Available for customs - 

This weaving has been sold, and although I can't make an exact replica, I could use this as inspiration for a weaving that you may be interested in ordering. 


This was a custom weaving I created for someone who wanted a "wall piece that features a lot of beautiful dark colors - blacks and charcoals and forest greens and navy blues and bright blues and a little maroon - with some pops of bright red or bright white or something."


"It would be a reminder of how big the sum and span and texture of life is. That stark seasons like this are part of a large tapestry and greater context."


Soft, messy, touchable, moveable - a daily gentle greeting.

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Timeframe for completion of custom orders is dependant on how many other customs I've got going. Leave me a note if you have a preferred timeframe in mind, and I'll do my best!

Dark Evening Landscape Weaving