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Gorgeous Hoop Tassel Earrings are super soft and lightweight and GORGEOUS on.

It's like if Princess Leia were a mermaid and instead of cinnamon buns, she wears big seashells instead? Either way, they are glorious.


1 on Gold Filled Hoops

Lavender, Dark Coral, Mint, Neon Yellow, Chartreuse, Pistachio, Sky Blue, Black, Black White Stripe, Lime Green


2 on Gold Filled Hoops

Royal Blue, Varigated Bright Red, Neon Red, Bold Yellow, Turquoise, Black White Stripe, Lightest Coral, Faded Lime


3 on Gold Filled Hoops

Lilac, Melon, Varigated Butter Yellow, another Butter Yellow, Muted Pink, Black, Black White Stripe, Sky Blue, Soft Blue


4 on Silver Hoops

Best Green, Neon Yellow, Hot Pink, Lightest Coral, Muted Turquoise, Mint, Black White Stripe


5 on Gold Filled Hoops, 

All my best and brightest neon yellows and my best green, Black White Stripe


6 on Gold Filled Hoops

Pretty Pink, Lavender, Lilac, Deep Blue, Fuschia, Light Gray, Olive Green


7 on Gold Filled Hoops

Royal Blue, Faded Lime, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Bold Persimmon, Teal, Black White Stripe


8 on Gold Filled Hoops

Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Melon, Soft Coral Pink, Deep Blue, Muted Teal, Lightest Coral, Black White Stripe






These will soften over time.

Hang earrings when not wearing them to help keep proper shape

All earrings are made to order

Art a Whirl Fringe Hoops!

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